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About Us

The Peloponnesian Club of Sacramento is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides its members and the broader Greek-American community with a cultural, intellectual, and social uplift. Our commitment to preserving the Greek language and traditions is at the heart of our organization. We strive to create a welcoming community for all members, where they can explore their heritage, traditions, and culture. Join us today to experience the richness of Greek culture and to meet others who share your passion and interests.

Founding Members

Andrianos Argyropoulos

Vasilios Babaliaros

Tom Bouranis

George Bourdaniotis

Memos Bourdaniotis

Sotirios Bozionelos

Ted Cazanis

Nick Darras

Nick Demas

Dimitris Kakridas

Andreas Kazanis

James Makris

George Poulos

Nick Sotiropoulos

Steve Vathis

Board of Directors

Ioannis Kazanis - President
Peter Callas - Vice President
Anthony Poulos - Treasurer 
PJ Bourdaniotis - Secretary
Timmy Chatzis
Matthew Demas
Takis Kakkavas

Giorgos Kazanis
Yianni Liakopoulos
George Vasiliou

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